NACE International Distributes Annual Career, Salary Survey

All invited members are encouraged to participate in this year’s survey.

A link to the questionnaire for NACE International and Materials Performance (MP) magazine’s annual corrosion career and salary survey was emailed on Wednesday, April 12, to all NACE members in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

MP is asking members to check their inbox for the survey and fill out the questionnaire, which can be completed within minutes. A high volume of responses will allow the survey to best represent the state of the industry.

The results will be reported in MP’s July 2017 issue.

For the past 18 years, MP has conducted its annual corrosion career and salary survey of NACE members, which collects the latest information on the respondents’ education, work experience, job responsibilities, corrosion control technologies used, and annual compensation.

Over the years, the survey has expanded beyond the United States to include members in Canada, the United Kingdom, and European countries that use the Euro as their currency. Last year, close to 1,900 members completed the survey. The magazine is now urging all invited members to participate this year, so that the results will reflect an even larger pool of corrosion professionals.

As in the previous two years, the online survey will again be conducted by an independent survey company. All responses will be kept completely anonymous.

Because of the numerous currencies used by NACE members worldwide, it is difficult to obtain statistically significant and comparable results from around the globe. However, plans are underway to broaden the future distribution of the survey to additional countries.