Ultrasonic Crack Inspectors Issue Video on Enhanced Sizing Methodology

Ultrasonic pipeline inspection and data analysis services supplier NDT Global (Dublin, Ireland) has produced a video explaining its new enhanced sizing methodology for ultrasonic crack inspections.

The capability removes a previously existing depth-sizing threshold that existed for depths greater than 4 mm on these inspections. The breakthrough is the first major improvement in crack inspection since the introduction of absolute depth sizing more than five years ago, according to the company.

The inspection group explains that its team of experts conceptualized enhanced sizing when investigating additional and previously unconsidered reflections. The on-site testing capabilities enabled the company’s team to replicate these reflections, helping them better understand the relationship between the reflections and the depth of features.

To develop the capability, the company secured analyst feedback, conducted in-house research, and used simulations, models, and full-scale tests.

The technology brings accurate depth sizing of up to 100% wall thickness, the company explains. With more accurate and in-depth information about pipelines, operators now have the ability to conduct more proactive integrity management programs.

Source: NDT Global, www.ndt-global.com.