Distribution Pact Reached in Europe for New Abrasive Blasting Technology

Stuart Rennie. Photo courtesy of Presserv.

Corrosion solutions specialist Presserv (Stavanger, Norway) recently signed an agreement for Scotland and offshore U.K. distribution rights with Sponge Jet (Newington, New Hampshire), an abrasive blasting technology provider aiming to boost operator efficiency. 

Unlike standard blasting methods using water or grit to blast surfaces in preparation for applying corrosion solutions, their method uses small pieces of sponge as its abrasive substance. 

“The Sponge Jet low dust and low rebound technology means that surface preparation can continue alongside other trades, where previously traditional grit blasting methods required full encapsulation,” says Stuart Rennie, sales manager at Presserv. “In the oil and gas industry, time is money, so being able to continue work while blasting is taking place is a huge advantage for operators.”

“The sponges used in blasting are collected easily following use and are highly recyclable,” Rennie adds. “Depending on the surface and application, sponges can be used up to 10 times—meaning abrasive requirements are reduced by up to 90%. This, again, represents a significant monetary saving over standard grit and water blasting methods, and also reduces the storage space requirements on a platform or vessel.”

Because of the low dust and low rebound characteristics, work spaces are kept to a minimum and there is less impact upon normal operations, the specialist explains. By reducing dust levels, there is also a reduced risk of eye injuries and less waste generation. Meanwhile, worker visibility is increased—allowing for a faster rate of application.

In addition, given the constant recycling of abrasive materials coupled with reduced logistics and transportation requirements due to lighter weight, the technology also stands as a more environmentally friendly option than other methods of surface preparation, the specialist says.

Under the distribution agreement, Presserv teams will provide surface preparation services to operators across the U.K. offshore industry and throughout Scotland. In addition, the pact also enables the company to sell and hire out equipment, as well as provide training to in-house crews.

The recent appointment complements existing agreements to supply the product in South Korea and Norway, where it is used extensively to prepare inland bridges for corrosion protection.

Source: Presserv, www.presserv.com