Surface Treatment, Coatings Abstracts Sought for Surtech Middle East

NACE International is co-organizing a session on enhanced corrosion control through surface treatment and coating technology at the Surtech Middle East 2017 conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The conference, to be held from December 4-6, 2017, will present focused sessions, workshops, and tutorials on academic and business topics related to surface treatment, plating, and painting technology that are most related to the region's needs and requirements.

As part of the conference, abstracts are being accepted through October 19 for case studies related to surface treatment and coatings. Presentations will cover surface treatment and coating challenges and solutions in the industry; conventional and advanced surface preparation techniques; standards and specifications for surface treatment and coating and emerging accreditation and assessment programs.

“Corrosion has been one of the major industry issues in the area due to the extreme environmental conditions, including the aggressive operational conditions,” NACE explains. “Playing the vital roles in corrosion control, surface treatment and coatings are two interconnected methods ensuring protection to assets that result in reduced failures and costs due to corrosion.”

To submit an abstract, download the abstract template.

Source: Surtech Middle East,; Contact Reygie de Borja, NACE International—email: