High-Flow Air Filtration Unit Designed for Mobile Painting

The air filtration unit is designed to allow aerospace painting on the hangar floor. Photo courtesy of Clayton

The Tent & Vent from Clayton Associates, Inc. (Lakewood, New Jersey) is a recently released high-flow air filtration unit, designed to allow aircraft painting on the hangar floor without exposing workers to overspray and volatile organic compounds. 

This mobile painting system is rapidly changing the response time to treating and preventing further corrosion, and it can be used to paint aircraft and support equipment virtually anywhere—even in remote locations. 

The unit adheres to leading standards for aerospace painting and depainting operations and meets all rules for the safe evacuation and filtration of chromated primers and other coatings. 

The air motor delivers over 1,200 cfm (34 m3/in) of air flow to easily evacuate painting tents. The system includes the Tent & Vent, an 18-in (457-mm) inlet extension, a 12-in (305-mm) muffler, grounding cable, a 30-ft (9-m) compressed air line, poly film, and a supply of primary and secondary filters to ensure users will be operational upon receipt of the unit. 

Testing performed by the U.S. military showed the unit maintained exposure levels below action levels and limits for hexavalent chromium, silver, nickel, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), xylene, and more.

Source: Clayton Associates, www.jclayton.com