NACE International to Collaborate with Active Shipbuilding Experts Federation

Leaders from NACE International and the Active Shipbuilding Experts’ Federation (ASEF) (Seoul, South Korea) recently met in Beijing, China, to formalize a global cooperative agreement intended to mutually benefit the members of both organizations.

The two-year, non-exclusive agreement was signed by NACE International’s chief maritime officer, Buddy Reams, and ASEF’s chairman, Chen Minjun. It is designed to build opportunities for cooperation and communication between the two organizations in their efforts to enable knowledge transfer on corrosion prevention trends, as well as provide effective interchange between national and international organizations to improve scientific and technological progress in corrosion mitigation.

“Reducing the impact of corrosion globally is of utmost importance to NACE,” says NACE CEO Bob Chalker. “ASEF also shares this objective, so we created this agreement to bring more resources to the members of our organizations.”

The organizations say they are working together to provide benefits and services to foster knowledge and the development of technologies used to protect people, assets, and the environment from the effects of corrosion.

Benefits offered to both organizations and their members include reciprocal technical committee participation, where members of ASEF’s relevant technical committees will be encouraged to participate in the equivalent technical committees of NACE. Other benefits include hospitality reciprocity, which allows either organization to organize informational meetings at the other’s events; registered user access to NACE’s website; discounted event pricing for members of both organizations; and cross-promotion of each group’s events.

The leaders from NACE International and ASEF also plan to meet periodically to explore additional opportunities for collaboration on important issues to members and the corrosion industry.

Source: NACE International,