Water Process Control Program for Power, Chemical Producers

Nalco Water (Naperville, Illinois, USA), an Ecolab company, has recently introduced OMNI, a program designed to improve critical asset performance for power and chemical producers through a new digital platform and real-time process control technology.

The program’s real-time insights and agile process control abilities are aimed at driving efficiency, resulting in lower water usage, reduced operating costs, and improved asset reliability. The program is built to predict and prevent scale, corrosion, and microbial factors, which impact the performance of surface condensers and total heat exchangers, the company explains.

“We now have a complete offering designed to significantly improve the performance of our customers’ most critical core assets—and thereby improve their entire business,” says Jeff Bulischeck, executive vice president and general manager for the company’s global heavy water industries business.

Precise data monitoring, asset simulation, and expert water insights provide visibility to issues, giving customers the ability to identify incipient problems and execute solutions to avoid shutdowns or other production losses. Real-time visibility of conditions creates opportunities to improve process efficiency as related to surface condensers, heat exchangers, and total plant water systems.

The platform’s features include condenser and total heat exchanger monitoring and simulation technology, as well as system solutions to monitor ancillary assets such as cooling systems and boilers. More information on the program can be found at the company’s web site.

Source: NALCO Water, www.ecolab.com/nalco-water