New Marine Coatings Products Launched in North America

Protective coatings manufacturer AkzoNobel (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and its International brand of paints recently launched three new marine coatings products in North America.

The Interthane 990V coating offers a low-volatile organic compound (VOC) polyurethane finish designed to provide long-term cosmetic protection for vessels in all exterior environments. According to the company, this product advances air pollution control technology for protective finishes through its attainment of ultra-low VOC content of less than 250 g/L, all without compromises to typical polyurethane application or durability characteristics. These advancements were made without the use of “exempt solvents” or hazardous air polluting solvents, according to the company.

Meanwhile, the Intergard 7500 is a high-volume solids, abrasion-resistant, aluminum-pure epoxy universal primer with low-temperature application capabilities for use in new building or in maintenance and repair operations. The primer can be applied directly to mechanically prepared shop primer or suitably prepared bare steel, and it is suitable for use with controlled cathodic protection.

Finally, the Interline 975P is a high-performance potable water tank coating, which can also be used for void spaces, cofferdams, and liquid mud tanks. The two-component, solvent-free, heavy duty epoxy lining provides corrosion protection for the internals of potable water tanks and liquid mud tanks, where it is designed to reduce solvent emissions and eliminate the risk of solvent retention. The absence of benzyl alcohol further minimizes the occurrence of taste or smell in potable water tanks during storage, the manufacturer explains.

The product, which can be applied as a one-coat or two-coat system using standard airless spray equipment, is also for use in new building projects or maintenance and repair.

Source: AkzoNobel,