Upgraded Wet Sponge Holiday Detector for Thin-Film Testing

The upgraded detector offers multiple output voltages to enable thin-film testing of all types. Photo courtesy of Tinker & Rasor.

The new M/2 wet sponge holiday detector from Tinker & Rasor (San Bernardino, California, USA) offers one instrument with three outputs to tackle thin-film testing of all types.

The upgraded detector utilizes many of the features of the group's original M/1 holiday detector, but has been upgraded and redesigned to promote ease of use. In addition, the new model has multiple output voltages and can be built to suit specific needs, including roller sponge electrodes, custom ground cable length, and paint pole adapters.

The upgraded detector sold individually or in kits that include a canvas carrying case and water-wetter material to aide in immediate testing.

The product is lightweight, with a durable plastic sponge holder, and has a case designed and constructed to be water resistant. The detector conforms to most international testing standards.

Source: Tinker & Rasor, www.tinker-rasor.com.