3-D Scanning Inspection Laboratory Service for Field Use

Level 3 Inspection (L3I) (Stuart, Florida, USA) is offering a new co-location service that brings its three-dimensional (3-D) scanning inspection laboratory directly to customer facilities.

The company, which offers advanced dimensional quality inspection capabilities to precision components manufacturers, says it has now become the first group to offer on-site inspection services.

As such, the company expects to dramatically accelerate the dimensional inspection report process and delivery in the aviation supply chain industry.

“Jet engine parts manufacturers are under a tremendous amount of pressure to deliver components quickly,” says CEO Bill Greene. “By bringing our 3-D scanning lab and technicians to their facilities, manufacturers can now have answers in minutes or hours, rather than days.”

Through the co-location service, L3I’s technicians and equipment can be on-site anywhere in the United States within 36 hours. This eliminates the time and cost it takes for manufacturers to ship parts back and forth for scanning and inspection, which speeds up the process while saving money.

Source: L3I, www.level3inspection.com.