Graphene-Based Formulations for Steel, Aluminum Substrates

Applied Graphene Materials (AGM) (Cleveland, United Kingdom) announced the launch of two new series within its Genable platform dispersion technology range. These graphene-based formulation tools are designed to providebarrier and anticorrosion performance on steel and aluminum substrates.

The new range includes the Genable 1000 series, engineered to enhance and reduce the content of existing anticorrosion additives, and the Genable 2000 series, developed to deliver anticorrosion performance on aluminum substrates.

Once formulated into anticorrosion coating systems, the company says these dispersions have demonstrated substantial performance gains by providing extensions in coating lifetime of over three times under cyclic salt spray testing.

These dispersions are stable long-term and designed to be easily delivered into existing manufacturing processes, thus allowing formulators to access the attributes of the A-GNP graphene nanoplatelets.

Available from stock, the dispersions are supplied in epoxy resins, a range of industry standard carrier solvents, and water. The dispersions are also supported by application guidelines, extended performance data, and formulation knowledge from the company’s technical group.

Source: AGM,