Corrosion and Its Effects on the Amusement Park Industry

NACE International (Houston, Texas, USA) sponsored a webcast that informed audiences on the basics of corrosion and how to combat it in amusement parks.

The webcast, entitled “Corrosion and the Amusement Park Industry,” was presented by Steve Hickey from Baynum Painting (Newport, Kentucky, USA) and Carmen Peebles from NACE. Hickey is lead foreman with over 30 years of industry experience, while Peebles is manager of domestic education who has been with the organization for 18 years.

“This webcast will introduce NACE International to the amusement park industry and will bring awareness of NACE’s extensive corrosion resources and knowledge, which other industries have relied on for 75 years,” according to NACE’s associate publisher Eliina Lizarraga.

The goals of the webinar included providing information on basics of corrosion and corrosion control methods, offering case studies of infrastructure failures, and outlining strategies for reversing corrosion in amusement parks.

During their presentation, Peebles and Hickey covered a range of topics that include the impact of corrosion on carbon steel, the economic and environmental effects of corrosion, and strategies for mitigating and preventing the effects of corrosion on infrastructure and amusement park rides.

To hear the CoatingsPro webcast in its entirety, click here.

Source: NACE International,