CORROSION Journal Seeks Career Journey Stories from Scientists, Engineers

To help celebrate CORROSION journal’s 75th anniversary in 2019, the publication is soliciting stories from scientists and engineers who have contributed to the journal as authors, reviewers, and editors.

These professional stories can be submitted as short videos or essays, and can discuss any aspect of the scientist’s or engineer’s professional journey, from how they got involved in the corrosion field to the advice they would give someone interested in pursuing a career related to corrosion.

These narratives can also focus on the greatest research challenge or most exciting accomplishment that the scientist or engineer has faced.

Videos should be 2-3 min long and recorded in English with minimal background noise. They can be recorded via cellular devices in “landscape” mode. The preferred video format is MP4, which is the format created by most cellular devices.

Video submissions should be emailed to If the video file is greater than 10 MB, any free, cloud-based file transfer provider, such as Dropbox, can be used to send the video.

Written narratives should be at 1,000 words or less in length and include a high-resolution photo of the author.

Visit the NACE Connect portal to learn more about this opportunity at the “Share Your Career Journey” page. The sign-up deadline is August 30, 2018.

Questions can be asked by emailing

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