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Chemicals Company Acquires Paint, Peroxides Firms

Global paints and coatings company AkzoNobel (Amsterdam, Netherlands) recently announced the acquisition of two companies: Xylazel S.A. (Porriño, Spain), a whole subsidiary of Pharma Mar S.A., and Polinox (São Paulo, Brazil).

With the acquisition of Xylazel, a leading decorative paints and wood finishes firm in Spain, AkzoNobel looks to consolidate its hold of those segments in the local market. The move makes AkzoNobel the leader in the Spanish woodcare segment and strengthens the company’s standing in the metal care market, mainly through Xylazel’s Oxirite brand of metal paints.

As for Polinox, South America’s leading producer of ketone peroxides, its acquisition by AkzoNobel entrenches the latter company as one of the country’s top producers of curing systems for polyester thermoset resins. In addition, the company also absorbs Polinox’s entire corporate portfolio, including its brands and trademarks, its customer list, and production knowledge.

Click the Xylazel and Polinox links for more information on AkzoNobel’s acquisition of those companies.

Source: AkzoNobel, www.akzonobel.com/en.