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Corrosion Technology Partnership for U.S. Manufacturing Sector

NACE International, a technical society representing global corrosion experts and solutions providers, announced that it has partnered with Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT) (Detroit, Michigan, USA) to develop corrosion control knowledge within the manufacturing sector.

LIFT is part of Manufacturing USA, a network of U.S. research institutes focused on developing manufacturing technologies through public-private partnerships among U.S. industry, universities, and federal government agencies. Manufacturing USA is hosted by the U.S. National Institutes of Standards and Technology (Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA).

“Partnering with LIFT is one of many new ways NACE International is working to provide—and also to collect—knowledge for use in increasing business efficiency and public safety, and improving the environment,” says Ed Manns, director of standards and strategic technical initiatives at NAE. “Our organization brings 75 years of expertise, plus the most up-to-date insight of our 36,000 members from 130 countries. We have a lot to share, but also a lot to learn from LIFT and its other members.”

NACE International provides technical training and certification programs, conferences, industry standards, reports, publications, technical journals, and government relations activities. The association has gained global recognition as the world’s leading association dedicated to corrosion control advancements and education.

“Partnering with NACE uniquely benefits our organization’s entire membership with its singular focus on corrosion—one of our key technology focus areas,” says Alan Taub, chief technology officer at LIFT. “Corrosion can weaken the strongest of systems, which is why we are studying it and developing ways to prevent it across our technology portfolio. By partnering with NACE, that investigative work will be enhanced, benefitting our members and the industry overall.”

The goal of LIFT is to enable cost-effective lightweighting of components used in transportation systems to benefit the U.S. commercial and defense manufacturing bases through technology development, technology transition, and education and workforce development.

LIFT is a membership organization, consisting of working members from original equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and subject matter experts, along with members from academia, research institutes, education, workforce development organizations, and professional societies.

The institute serves the United States by involving companies, universities, nonprofit research institutions, and workforce development intermediaries from around the country.

Source: NACE International, www.nace.org.