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Materials Manufacturer Develops Durable Label Stock

Teslin label stock, Photo courtesy of PPG.

Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG) Industries (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA), a global manufacturer of paints, coatings, and materials, recently unveiled its Teslin label stock portfolio. Teslin is a durable and printable synthetic paper that performs like a substrate for a variety of applications, including GHS-compliant chemical containers, brand protection, and tamper evident security.

One key feature that differentiates this high performance synthetic substrate is that it contains micropores that absorb inks, toners, adhesives, and coatings. In addition, the microporous substrate is highly bondable with lamination films and other substrates, and its adhesive is resistant to water, chemicals, abrasion, tearing, and extreme temperatures.

The label stock is not only compatible with a variety of print technologies, it offers bubble free application with a minimum of static buildup. Through its ability to absorb inks and toners, the label stock provides built-in tear resistance and durability that enhances the security of printed text.

Teslin is available in four standard label stock varieties: General-Purpose Permanent, Ultimate Bond, General-Purpose Removable, and BS 5609-Certified. Additionally, the label stock is available in master and slit roll forms, and orderable in standard or custom configurations.

Source: PPG, www.ppg.com.