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Company Introduces Single Source Green Building Guide

European paints and coatings company Jotun (Sandefjord, Norway) recently launched Green Building Solutions (GBS), a single source online guide for using green building products.

The primary purpose of GBS is to simplify the specification process used to document, analyze, and explain construction requirements and procedures. The downloadable guide specifications provide users with an easy-to-access green products overview to help them find and select suppliers. Users can also access guide specifications with all the necessary documentation, including Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) where available.

According to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)—a key green building certification program used globally—a building must accrue between 40 to 49 points to reach the “Certified” level, and 80 or more points to reach the “Platinum” level. With these benchmarks in mind, the paints and coatings in the GBS product range can contribute up to 27% of the required points on LEED’s Certified level and up to 14% of the required points on its Platinum level. Jotun’s GBS can also be used as a basis for increasing points for other green building standards such as the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method.

Along with specification support for the planning stage and global availability for the construction stage, GBS provides a variety of paints and coatings that include the following: architectural powder coatings; anti-carbonation coatings for concrete; decorative paints; floor coatings; and intumescent coatings for cellulosic fire protection and protective coatings. These products, in combination with the EPDs provided by Jotun, help contractors meet the qualifications needed to attain LEED certification.

For more information on Jotun’s green building solutions, click this link

Source: Jotun, www.jotun.com.