Corrosion Inhibitor Designed for Cooling Systems

Cortec Corporation (St. Paul, Minnesota, USA) has developed a water treatment solution designed to protect ferrous metals and copper from corrosion within water cooling systems. Dubbed VpCI-648, this corrosion inhibitor is ideally suited for low conductivity environments such as generator stator cooling systems and low sodium systems like those found in the nuclear industry.

Although use of VpCI-648 does not significantly contribute to conductivity, it can avoid corrosion related clogging in generator stators while it is in use or during layup or hydrostatic testing. This is a significant benefit to generator stator system operators because corrosion within those systems can obstruct water flow and reduce overall efficiency. Moreover, its low sodium content—less than two parts of sodium per billion in a typical dose—makes VpCI-648 an ideal inhibitor for nuclear applications.

Based solely on organic components, VpCI-648 does not contain nitrites or any halogen counter ions. Aside from generator stators and nuclear cooling systems, this inhibitor can also be used in other low conductivity or low sodium environments, including EDM machining; plasma arc machining; and laser cutting operations.

More information about VpCI-648 can be found here.

Source: Cortec Corporation,