R&D Company Extends Partnership with Military Corrosion Program

Battelle (Columbus, Ohio, USA), a nonprofit applied science and technology development company, announced that it would continue to support the Corrosion Prevention and Control (CPAC) program with a five-year, $50 million task order. This recent task order extends Battelle’s relationship with CPAC that has been in place during the past five years.

The CPAC program is a division of the Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC) (Quantico, Virginia, USA) that ensures the combat readiness of various tactical vehicles and ground support equipment. According to the official website for the U.S. Marine Corps, the CPAC program is designed to “extend the useful life of all Marine Corps tactical ground and ground support equipment, and to reduce maintenance requirements and associated costs through the identification, implementation, and, if necessary, development of corrosion prevention and control products, materials, technologies, and processes.”

Battelle has provided programmatic support and technical expertise to CPAC program, which has included assessing experimental coating and corrosion prevention compounds, reviewing repair processes, preserving equipment, and identifying areas for future investment. In addition, Battelle has also been involved in the management of subcontracting teams who perform corrosion assessments and repairs at various Marine Corps locations around the world.

“Battelle’s holistic approach to CPAC ensures routine mission requirements are met and allows our client to focus on addressing the longer-term program requirements,” says Vinay Gadkari, program manager in the national security business unit.

Source: Battelle, www.battelle.org.