Software Solutions Developer Designs Mobile App for Asset Inspections

Software Solutions Developer Designs Mobile App for Asset Inspections

Metegrity (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada), a provider of asset integrity management (AIM) systems, has launched its newest mobile technology, VisionsGo. This technology allows VisionsGo users in the field to analyze, collect, execute, and perform all asset inspection data via their mobile tablets. 

The VisionsGo technology works in concert with Visions, Metegrity’s integrated mechanical integrity program. Asset inspectors can assign work from Visions into the VisionsGo app, which can then be used to organize their work and collect additional inspection data. This data is then uploaded a Cloud-based system that offers data to VisionsGo users that can be accessed quickly and more efficiently with reduced data entry and human error.  

Moreover, VisionsGo has security provisions that limits the ability of unauthorized parties to access data. The mobile app’s main AIM system handles all data, including assigned work and objectives, thereby securing it for internal use.   

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of this cutting-edge technology, and the incredible time and cost savings it will offer our customers,” says Metegrity CEO Adrian Met. “For over 25 years, Visions has been trusted with asset integrity management for corporations all over the world. Now, clients can harness the power of mobile technology to support their digital transformation journey.”

Source: Metegrity,