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ASTM Establishes New Pipe Corrosion Standard

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

ASTM International (West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, USA) recently announced it had published a new standard designed to protect iron water pipes against corrosion. Published on October 1, the new standard is entitledG218: Standard Guide for External Corrosion Protection of Ductile Iron Pipe Utilizing Polyethylene Encasement Supplemented by Cathodic Protection.

This active standard developed by Subcommittee G01.10 on Corrosion in Soils aims to make pipes that provide clean drinking water more reliable and sustainable. While other ASTM standards had been devised to protect steel pipe, ASTM G218 is the first standard specifically designed for iron pipe, according to ASTM member and senior process engineering manager Mike Horton.

“The metallurgy, chemistry, physical properties, surface composition and texture, coating requirements, and electrical continuity of standard production ductile iron pipe are significantly different from those of steel pipe,” says Horton. “The purpose of the new guide is to summarize publications, case histories, and studies available regarding cathodic protection installations of polyethylene encased ductile iron pipe to give users guidance on this unique method of protection.”

Horton adds that ASTM G218 offers basic information that benefits engineers, asset owners, water companies, corrosion consultants, ductile iron pipe manufacturers and other stakeholders who wish to provide corrosion protection for underground iron pipes.

This is the second major publication ASTM has released this year regarding the mitigation of corrosion in water-producing sources. Back in late February, the organization unveiled D8243, a test method that aided in the detection of corrosion-inducing bacteria in water.

Source: ASTM International, www.astm.org