AEIS Appoints Meduri as Lead Metallurgical Engineer

Atlas Evaluation & Inspection Services (AEIS), a testing, inspection, and certification company based in South Plainfield, New Jersey, USA, has named Chandra Sekhar Meduri as the company’s lead metallurgical engineer.

Founded in 2010, AEIS describes itself as a special inspection and material testing partner to major bridge and infrastructure projects as well as to the aerospace, automotive, construction, defense, electronic, manufacturing, marine, medical devices, and petrochemical industries.

This newly-created role will focus on solving complex metallurgical technical challenges, as well as oversight of the firm’s Failure Analysis Laboratory — which analyzes failures across all industrial sectors and material types. Currently, the lab is engaged in failures related to ductile iron pipe, marine shaft, HDPE (high-density polyethylene) pipe, medical devices, and construction welds.

Meduri brings over eight years of engineering research and testing experience. He earned his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering at Texas Tech University (Lubbock, Texas, USA) in 2019, and was a founding member of the school’s mechanical engineering graduate student association. He also organized scientific workshops for local youth, and presented his work at major conferences. Meduri has co-authored a number of technical papers on material science applications, specializing in medical devices.

After finishing his Ph.D., Meduri was a postdoctoral researcher at University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson, Texas, USA. In this role, he worked in the school’s Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Lab, a product development facility focused on the development of material microstructure and advanced manufacturing processes for metallic alloys.

In this capacity, Meduri supported a team of seven engineers, resulting in a U.S. patent, six technical publications, as well as on new projects. He developed an integrated creep-based forming and dealloying process as a route for fabrication of metal-metal and metal-polymer composites for applications in drug delivery and microfluidics. He also earned Six Sigma Green Belt certification and led multiple projects to optimize processes, resulting in 20% reduction in process time.

Before that, Meduri was a materials science researcher at Texas Tech. In this role, he worked in the Functional Materials and Devices Lab, a material testing facility focused on the development of surface patterning technologies and devices for micro and nanoscale applications. He also devised disposable transdermal patches and injectable devices for drug delivery and blood sampling applications, resulting in a 20% increase in mechanical strength, superiordelivery efficiency, and potential for commercialization.

Prior to that, Meduri was a research engineer at MetCel, a student-faculty team startup at Oklahoma State University (Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA), where he worked on product development for the aerospace, marine, and safety equipment industries. He also led two joint-venture research projects with U.S. equipment manufacturers, resulting in an expansion of their product lines.

Source: AEIS,