New Corrosion Prevention Company Announces Partnership

Corrosion Innovations (Pasadena, Texas, USA) announced its formation as a partnership that unites various sponsors and owners within the corrosion industry. These sponsors and owners include the following:

Corrosion Prevention Technologies LLC (Pasadena, Texas, USA);
MATTR Solutions, LLC (Houma, Louisiana, USA);
WirxGroup LLC (Winlock, Washington, USA);
Chandler, Richter, Wood Consulting and Distribution, LLC (CRW) (Houston, Texas, USA); and 
Lester Contract Management, LLC (Quitman, Arkansas, USA).

Global sales and distribution for Corrosion Innovations will be overseen by a board of directors consisting of the following partners:

Board Director – Archie Cox, Jr.
Vice Chairman – Randy Le Bouef
Board Member – Todd Olsen
Board Member – Trey Chandler
President and CEO – Marlin Lester

“At Corrosion Innovations, we are dedicated to mitigating the long-standing problems caused by corrosion.,” says Lester. “Our partners are a team of business and industry professionals that come from across the United States and possess the years of experience necessary to ensure this endeavor is successful. This team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise required to support our wholly-owned patented surface decontamination technology through global supply chains.”

The newly-formed company claims it is “dedicated to solving the problem of corrosion through research, product development, outreach, and professional services.” In addition, it has released its first product in Corr-Ze, an eco-friendly chemical that decontaminates and prepares metal surfaces for protective coatings. The product addresses corrosion at the source by removing deeply imbedded and bonded salts and impurities, resulting in enhanced coating performance.

Along with making its recent patent-pending product available for distribution, Corrosion Innovations will continue research to identify contaminants and other inference impurities; develop environmentally safe, effective, and economical solutions; and assist leading organizations in their pursuit of best practices for the integrity and longevity of metal surfaces.

Source: Corrosion Innovations,