Boeing Approves AkzoNobel for Color Blending

AkzoNobel’s aerospace coatings facility in Dongguan, China. Photo courtesy of AkzoNobel.

AkzoNobel (Amsterdam, Netherlands) has been qualified by The Boeing Company (Chicago, Illinois, USA) to color blend its Aerodur 3001/3002 basecoat/clearcoat system at the company’s aerospace coatings facility in Dongguan, China.

With the certification from Boeing, AkzoNobel can blend its Aerodur system locally in China with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approval. In addition, the Dongguan facility is now listed on Boeing’s qualified products database (QPL) for BMS10-72 specification.

The site has been in operation since December 2001, with the aerospace coatings facility being added as an expansion in early 2017. Since that time, it has served the North and South Asian aviation markets by delivering cutting-edge technologies faster and more reliably.

One of those technologies is Aerodur 3001/3002. This innovative system not only dries faster and retains its color and gloss significantly longer than single stage coatings, but also offers superior chemical and stain resistance, flexibility, and weathering performance.

“We’re proud to receive this certification from Boeing,” says Ron Fattal, AkzoNobel’s key account manager for Boeing. “It’s further recognition of our commitment to putting the needs of our customers at the heart of our product development.”

Adds Fattal, “Our customers demand the best in terms of both performance and aesthetics. Receiving industry approval of this caliber shows how dedicated we are to putting our customers and their needs first.”

Source: AkzoNobel,