Clemco Opens Enhanced Sample Processing R&D Lab

The enhanced lab has 13 total machines. Photo courtesy of Clemco.

Earlier this year, abrasive blast equipment manufacturer Clemco Industries Corp. (Washington, Missouri, USA) opened its enhanced sample processing lab for research and development (R&D). The new facility more than doubles the size of the previous facility by 4,500 ft2 (418.1 m2). It has 13 machines, whereas the old lab had six. In addition, four industrial dust collectors were installed outside of the building.

The expanded facility is a reflection of business growth and the company’s commitment to state-of-the-art sample processing, as well as groundbreaking R&D work for the abrasive blasting industry. According to Clemco, the new lab’s sample-processing capabilities allow it to more accurately simulate a wide range of industrial blasting applications. After a customer sends samples of parts to be blasted along with details about the end results desired and their current process, the lab replicates the conditions of the customer’s facility and researches solutions.

The lab then uses the data it has collected to recommend the best equipment, media, and process required to solve the customer’s blasting needs. Recommendations could range from modifications to the customer’s current facility or process, purchase of standard or modified Clemco equipment, or a consultation with Clemco Engineering about custom-designing equipment for the customer. This service is free of charge to customers.

Meanwhile, R&D priorities include the creation of new methods for enhancing dust collectors and blast system efficiency; research on how to develop better equipment components and safety equipment; the development of more productive blast machines, cabinets, and rooms; and ongoing research on how best to use media, equipment, and new procedures. According to the company, this research not only helps Clemco build better equipment, but it also helps the industry as a whole operate more safely and productively.

Source: Clemco,