Recent News

New Composite Communications Tower of U.S. Air Force Wins Award

2/22/2017 6:00 AM

Iron Hydroxide Coatings Show Promise in Water Treatment Research

2/21/2017 6:00 AM

Bock Joins Chicago Corrosion Group as Senior Control Specialist

2/20/2017 6:00 AM

Peter Bock. Photo courtesy of Chicago Corrosion Group.

Researchers Find Benefits from Black Sludge at Water Treatment Site

2/17/2017 6:00 AM

Manganese oxides produced by a manganese oxidizing fungus, shown here, could potentially be useful in environmental remediation systems. Image courtesy of Terrence Gardner, North Carolina State University.

EN Engineering Opens New Office in Pennsylvania

2/16/2017 6:00 AM

Leadership Diversity, Collaboration Workshop Planned for CORROSION 2017

2/15/2017 6:00 AM

Mississippi Air Force Base Develops Program to Fight Aircraft Corrosion

2/14/2017 6:00 AM

Repainting aircraft pieces to prevent corrosion is part of the job for the fabrication flight of the 403rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron. Photo courtesy of U.S. Air Force.

European Study Tests Corrosion Protection Solutions for Naval Vessels

2/13/2017 6:00 AM

Photo courtesy of EDA

Corrosion Shop Brings ‘Smurf Jet’ Back to U.S. Air Force

2/10/2017 6:00 AM

For the reunion, members of the U.S. Air Force corrosion control shop changed a plane’s color scheme from the current two-tone gray to heritage blue, a scheme used by the 435th Fighter Training Squadron 40 years ago. Photo by Randy Martin, U.S. Air Force.

Nebraska Researchers Present USS Arizona Corrosion Findings

2/9/2017 6:00 AM

Don Johnson. Photo courtesy of University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Castolin Eutectic Acquires Coatings Group Furnace Mineral Products

2/8/2017 6:00 AM

New President Begins Serving at Standards Group ASTM International

2/7/2017 6:00 AM

Katharine “Kathie” Morgan. Photo courtesy of ASTM International.

AkzoNobel Appoints Business Director for Protective Coatings in North America

2/6/2017 6:00 AM

Steven Feldman. Photo courtesy of AkzoNobel.

U.S. Researchers Eye Improved Modeling for Lithium-Ion Batteries

2/3/2017 6:00 AM

Research on Nuclear Glass Corrosion Takes Top Prize

2/2/2017 6:00 AM

Collin Smyth. Image courtesy of David Kubarek, Penn State.