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Naval Aviation Environmental Severity Correlation: 17 Site Assessments

Naval Research Laboratory Key West is a state-of-the-art testing facility for atmospheric and marine corrosion. A two-phase, multi-year severity assessment was recently conducted to compare 16 sites to Key West.

Ceramic Epoxy Liner Makes Settling Basins Watertight

Induron Protective Coatings recently teamed up with Texarkana Water Utilities to develop specifications for several of their uncoated and aging settling basins, which were in critical need of refurbishment. In this case study, learn how a ceramic epoxy liner became the solution.

Robotics Used as Unique Tunneling Technology for Utilities

Petra has developed the first non-contact, thermal-drilling method that can uniquely bore 60-in (152.4-cm) diameter micro tunnels through hard rock, making it possible to bore utility tunnels through previously impenetrable geologies.

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The Digitization of the Cathodic Protection Workflow

Rebecca Bickham, Editor for Materials Performance, and Ed Kruft, CEO of American Innovations, discuss how technology is being integrated into the cathodic protection industry and how that is leading to the digitization of the CP workflow. To learn more about American Innovations, visit

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CSNRI on composites and how they are being underutilized

Rebecca Bickham, Editor for Materials Performance, and Cedric Oudinot, President of CSNRI, sit down to discuss how CSNRI is using composites to create a safer environment and how composite repairs are being underutilized. To learn more about CSNRI, visit 

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