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Corrosion Concerns at San Diego’s Ocean Beach Pier

A recent report from a civil engineering form suggests that San Diego’s Ocean Beach Municipal Pier has suffered significant damage over the last 55 years and “has reached the end of its service life,” as presently constructed.

AMPP, IUPAT Leadership Convenes to Renew Partnership

Staff and leaders from the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) and the International Union for Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) recently convened to renew their longstanding partnership, with a goal of increasing quality and public safety.

Best Available Design Technologies for Pipeline Isolation

There are many offerings for both above- and below-ground pipeline isolation. But only certain designs may be appropriate, considering the varied applications that pipelines have, changing conditions, and the need to design for a sustainable future.

Benefits of Viscoelastic, Self-Healing, Fully Amorphous Coatings

Viscoelastic coatings have been successfully used over the past two decades to solve corrosion issues in various circumstances. Highly aggressive soils, such as the Subkha soil in the Gulf Coast area, require excellent performance by a coating.

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Jotacote Universal S120 Releases to the U.S. Market

Steven Feldman explains how this new epoxy with patented Covallox technology prevents corrosion for 20-30 years - bringing cost savings and environmental benefits to the industry.

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Advantages of Dairyland's UltraBox

The patented, customizable UltraBox™ modular junction boxes from Dairyland feature easy access and the ability to add, remove, or reposition components at any time giving customers complete control.

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