Dry Film Rust Preventive Designed for Tight Tolerances

The dry film rust preventive is designed to preserve metals during storage and transportation. Photo courtesy of Cortec.

Cortec Corp. (St. Paul, Minnesota) has introduced the new VpCI-277, a ready-to-use dry film rust preventive designed for preserving metals in storage and transportation. 

The need for the product arose from an automotive manufacturer that was using one of the company’s products to protect parts during storage and overseas shipping. 

The manufacturer was pleased with the protection from applying a tenacious film to metal parts, but it needed a rust preventive with a drier film and lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to also meet its solvent-based specification. 

As such, the company’s research and development department solved the problem by developing the rust preventive that contains a bio-based corrosion inhibitor in a non-flammable, low-VOC solvent carrier. 

The product combines film-forming additives with vapor-phase corrosion inhibitors to provide excellent multi-metal corrosion protection, with a dry, non-tacky, virtually undetectable film left on the metal surface. The film is ideal for robotic assembly of precision components requiring tight tolerances, while it helps maintain a clean preservation process without an oily residue. 

The film does not contain chlorinated compounds, chromates, or nitrites.

Source: Cortec, cortecvci.com.