Recycling Project Begins in Europe for Corrosion-Inhibiting Plastic Films

A Croatian bioplastics plant owned by corrosion control technologies group Cortec (St. Paul, Minnesota) is implementing an initiative to collect and recycle its used VpCI vapor-phase corrosion inhibitor films and bags from its European customers.

Vapor-phase corrosion inhibitor films are used across the globe to protect metal parts and equipment from corrosion during storage and shipping operations. Customers can send their waste material back to the group’s plant in Beli Manastir, Croatia, which houses the recently created plastics recycling complex for the group’s customers. The collected waste materials will then be completely recycled and used for manufacturing new product. 

With state-of-the-art reprocessing equipment, the plant plans to implement its own reprocessing moving forward, incorporating no more than 20% of recycled product back into virgin film to ensure the quality of the new products. 

The group’s customers now have the option of sending used films and bags back to the Croatian plant—where they will be fully recycled—instead of paying for disposal. Customers will receive credit to cover shipping costs for returned recyclable materials, and the company benefits in terms of having an additional source of recyclable material. 

The company expects the recycling program, its first program of this type implemented in Europe, to drive economic and environmental benefits for the plant, clients, and the environment. It added that it wants this latest initiative to serve as an example for other manufacturers to opt for sustainable technologies, including a reduction in toxic emissions such as high concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Additionally, the Croatian plant is currently expanding to help meet rising demand, the company explains, with an additional production hall being built to raise manufacturing capacity.

Source: EcoCortec,

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