New Aboveground System Issued to Inspect Buried Pipelines

The Spectrum XLI system is used for the aboveground inspection of buried pipelines. Image courtesy of PureHM.

The recently released Spectrum XLI system from PureHM (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) represents a complete solution for the aboveground inspection of buried pipelines. PureHM is a brand under the umbrella of water technology company Xylem (Rye Brook, New York, USA). 

Historically, aboveground inspection tools have collected a single data set in each pass of the pipeline, the company explains. This means the operator must complete several passes of the pipeline to do comprehensive inspections, which require multiple indirect inspection techniques (IITs). These are often expensive and time consuming.

In response, their latest offering presents a novel, versatile solution. The system can collect multiple IIT data sets in a single pass, which improves project efficiency and deliverables. The system can also collect data that include global positioning system coordinates, depth of cover, depth of water, gas leak detection, cathodic protection (CP) readings, direct current voltage gradient, alternating current voltage gradient, alternating current-current attenuation, and soil resistivity.

Upon completion of the survey, operators receive results in a single reporting platform. Analysis of inspection results are completed by NACE International-certified CP and corrosion specialists.

Source: PureHM,