Abstracts Sought for 2019 Pipeline Coatings Technology Conference

NACE International is now accepting abstracts for its next Pipeline Coatings Technology Conference, to be held from January 15-17, 2019, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

According to NACE, Middle Eastern countries have complex and extensive pipeline networks. With the combination of high humidity and high temperatures, this makes it crucial to apply corrosion-resistant coatings in a consistent manner to promote quality in pipelines.

In consideration of this, NACE is bringing the Pipeline Coatings Technology Conference to the Middle East after the success of this conference in the United States.

NACE is currently accepting abstracts on topics including onshore pipeline coatings; field joint coatings; mainline and field joint coating failures and solutions; liquid rehabilitation pipeline coatings; high-temperature and low-application temperature, fusion-bonded epoxy (LAT FBE) pipeline coatings; offshore pipeline coatings; pipeline internal coatings; horizontal directional drilling (HDD) pipeline coatings; pipeline coating repair solutions; quality control and inspection of pipeline coatings; and advancement in pipe coating application technology.

By sharing expertise at the conference, presenters can be recognized as industry leaders in the Middle East while helping new coating professionals improve their knowledge.

The deadline to submit an abstract—which can be handled at the event web site—is June 30, 2018.

Source: NACE Pipeline Coatings Technology Conference, pct.nace.org.