Eco-Friendly Bioremediation Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry

CorteCros (Zagreb, Croatia), a subsidiary of Cortec Corporation (St. Paul, Minnesota, USA), has released its Bionetix line of bioremediation products. These environmentally safe products are specifically designed for situations in which cracks in oil and gas pipelines or storage tanks result in contamination of the surrounding soil from gasoline and diesel fuels. 

Bionetix products were first field-tested back in 2015 for INA, d.d. (Zagreb, Croatia), a Croatian multinational oil company. INA annually produced 3,000-5,000 tons (2721-4535 metric tons) of contaminated soil that was transported to a landfill and treated with Bionetix’s bioremediation products.

One of these products is BIOSURF, a biosurfactant treatment that cleans oil spills naturally. Extracted from plants and fortified with micronutrients, BIOSURF is a safe, non-toxic alternative to synthetic surfactants and dispersants that speed up natural biodegradation. Another product, BCP 355, provides bioremediation for oil spills by reducing pollution liability at a lower disposal cost. For best results, either BIOSURF or BCP35S should be mixed with fresh water and sprayed on the contaminated soil every 10 days for a period between 3-5 months.

Source: CorteCros,