ChemMasters Acquires Concrete Specialist Vexcon Chemicals

Specialty concrete chemicals manufacturer ChemMasters, Inc. (Madison, Ohio, USA) has announced the acquisition of concrete chemical manufacturer Vexcon Chemicals (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA). Terms were not disclosed.

Founded in 1974, Vexcon manufactures a broad line of concrete chemicals including both waterborne and solventborne cure and seals, highway cures, sealers, water repellents, densifiers, hardeners, and treatments sold under brands such as Certi-Vex, Certi-Vex Envio Cure, Certi-Vex Penseal, PowerSeal, and StarSeal.

“The addition of Vexcon Chemical to ChemMasters’ growing brand portfolio is a reflection of our long-term strategy to offer industry-leading technology and products to both ChemMasters and Vexcon customers,” says Paul Murphy Jr., CEO of ChemMasters.

ChemMasters, Inc. describes itself as a 63-year-old manufacturer of specialty concrete chemicals used to improve, repair, and protect concrete and masonry. The company manufactures specialty coatings and offers a broad portfolio of private label and toll manufacturing capabilities.

The company also operates a state-of-the-art research and development facility to advance the science of concrete improvement. Its brands include Polyseal, Safe-Cure, Duraguard, Silencure, Aquanil, Conset, Gateway Paints, and many others.

Source: ChemMasters,