New Test Instrument for Voltage Potential Restoration

Farwest Corrosion Control Co. (Downey, California, USA) recently introduced the Ref-Check VPR test instrument for voltage potential restoration. Farwest, which provides cathodic protection (CP) and corrosion control services for industries that maintain underground and underwater infrastructure, storage systems, or other submerged metallic structures, says the instrument is designed to overcome false or low potential readings from compromised CP reference electrodes (CPRE).

According to the company, the Ref-Check series of test instruments allows CP technicians to take accurate voltage potential or structure-to-soil readings despite conditions that would otherwise produce inaccurate readings, thus requiring the costly replacement of aging CPREs.

“While corrosion has been around as long as we have been using steel to transfer water, gas, and like substances, the methods to measure and mitigate corrosion levels have improved,” says Troy Rankin, company president. “By using advanced technologies, we can monitor the corrosion levels on pipelines or other buried structures more accurately. The Ref-Check VPR takes this to a new level. With advanced technology, we have been able to improve the instrument so that it is extremely accurate and easy to use.”

Corrosion control and the need for CP solutions continue to be essential for pipelines, storage tanks, and other underground and underwater structures as they age, according to the company. Via ongoing protection, maintenance, and monitoring, operators can mitigate serious problems that can be very costly.

“The Ref-Check VPR integrates reliable, medical-grade, electronic technology,” Rankin explains. “It works in conjunction with standard digital multimeters and virtually eliminates meter loading, the main cause of false readings.  We see this as a huge benefit to our customers.  It will not only provide a significant cost savings by eliminating the need to replace CPREs, but it also saves time and provides better data to cathodic protection technicians who regularly monitor and maintain underground, metallic infrastructures.” 

Detailed information about the Ref-Check VPR can be found on the Farwest website, or by calling the company’s customer support team at (310) 532-9524.

Source: Farwest Corrosion Control,