Axalta Completes Expansion of Waterborne Coatings Plant

Photo courtesy of Axalta.

Axalta Coating Systems (Shanghai, China) recently completed the expansion of its waterborne coatings plant in Jiading, Shanghai, China. The expanded site is designed to meet the growing demand for sustainable coating solutions for automotive, commercial vehicle, and industrial markets in China and the Asia Pacific region.

The expansion includes a new waterborne basecoat, primer, and small batch capacity, along with additional production facilities and two new warehouses that will more than double the production capacity of the plant. Featuring state-of-the-art product and production technologies, the Jiading plant will offer optimized productivity, maximized raw material use, and accelerated manufacturing cycling time, while simultaneously minimizing its impact on the environment throughout the production process.

“The Jiading expansion further strengthens Axalta's position as a leader in eco-responsible coatings and supports our long-term growth strategy,” says Barry Snyder, Axalta’s senior vice president and chief operations and supply chain officer. “Our investment in waterborne coatings embodies the principles of sustainable manufacturing while ensuring we continue to meet our productivity and profitability goals. Axalta will continue to make investments in China that expand our footprint and capabilities in order to meet the growing needs of our customers.”

Axalta is a global leader in waterborne coatings solutions with an established market presence in China dating back to the late 1980s. The company opened its Jiading waterborne plant in March 2015, and with its now-completed expansion can now be considered fully operational and able to produce and deliver products to its automotive OEM and industrial materials customers in the region.

“The automotive market in China continues to be the largest in the world and a growth engine for global mobility,” said Nicolas Franc de Ferrière, Axalta’s vice president of mobility for the Asia Pacific region. “Its industry is also at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing in terms of VOC emissions. Our Jiading plant expansion reflects our ambition to capture the growing demand for high-quality, eco-friendly coatings and continue to support our customers to reach new quality and environmental standards.”

Source: Axalta,