UK Corrosion Prevention Company Acquires Global Protective Coatings Business

Workers apply Viscotaq protective coatings to buried pipeline. Photo courtesy of Winn & Coales International Ltd.

Winn & Coales International Ltd. ((London, United Kingdom), dba Winn & Coales, announced that it has acquired the global Viscotaq business, including Amcorr Products and Services Inc. (San Antonio, Texas, USA), dba Amcorr.

Established in London in 1883, Winn & Coales is a leading manufacturer of corrosion prevention and sealing products. Through their seven subsidiary companies in the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, together with their global network of distributors, this privately owned business provides tailor-made solutions to challenging corrosion problems all over the world. One of those subsidiaries is Denso North America, which produces such products as Denso tape for the long-life protection of buried steel pipelines against corrosion.

Founded in San Antonio in 2000, Amcorr formulate and manufacture their patented viscoelastic protective coating technology, Viscotaq. This patented product range is used for corrosion prevention and sealing applications on vital infrastructure across a broad range of sectors. Viscotaq’s unique, self-healing technology offers asset owners outstanding, long-term protection against corrosion.

“We feel honoured being part of the Winn & Coales family now,” says Edwin Welles, president of Amcorr and co-inventor of the Viscotaq technology. “A similar business culture, with a privately-owned structure and a technology driven mentality was a natural fit for us. The acquisition will give Amcorr the opportunity to grow rapidly, both nationally and internationally and above all, guarantee dedicated service and supply to existing and future clients across the globe. I personally feel privileged to make the next step in my career at Winn & Coales, a leader in our industry with an outstanding reputation.”

For more than 90 years, Winn & Coales has created bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions that provide enduring protection against corrosion and chemical attack to buried and exposed pipes, valves, fittings, steelwork, marine structures, tanks, and concrete bunded areas. The acquisition of Amcorr is aligned with the company’s focus on investing in and providing the highest quality corrosion prevention solutions for their customers.

“The acquisition of Amcorr is particularly exciting for the company, as the Viscotaq product line enhances and complements our existing range of coatings, which are already well established in the market,” says Chris Winn, chairman of Winn & Coales. “We are now able to offer all corrosion prevention technologies to our customers, and we look forward to building on our leading brands further with our new colleagues at Amcorr.”

Source: Denso,