Tnemec Opens Nominations for 2021 Tank of the Year Competition

Architectural and industrial coatings manufacturer Tnemec (Kansas City, Missouri, USA) recently announced that it is now accepting entries for Tnemec’s 2021 Tank of the Year competition. All tank styles are eligible for this contest, which has set Thursday, September 30 as the deadline for nominating projects.

“We look forward to another great year of recognizing the creative uses of Tnemec coatings on water storage tanks,” says Scott Keilbey, sales director – water tank market for Tnemec. “It’s amazing how the contest has grown over the past decade; it has become a great way for communities to showcase their hometown pride.”

Nominations can be submitted electronically by visiting All styles of water tanks are eligible. Nominated tanks must have been coated, or recoated, with Tnemec high-performance coatings in the last two years, and should be submitted with high-resolution photography to be eligible.

Once the deadline has passed, photographs of all nominated water tanks will be posted on the contest website where the general public can vote for their favorite tank, “The People’s Choice.” People’s Choice online voting will be open from October 4 through 15.

Winner of the People’s Choice will automatically be considered among 11 other Tnemec-determined runners-up for the official Tank of the Year crown. A committee of Tnemec water tank enthusiasts will judge these finalists based on artistic value, significance of the tank to the surrounding community, and challenges encountered during the project. The overall winner of the Tank of the Year contest will be announced Friday, October 22.

Last year’s Tank of the Year winner, Destin Water Users, Inc. coated their 167-foot tank with one of the most intricate seascapes ever applied to an elevated water tank. Using Tnemec’s long-lasting fluoropolymer technology, HydroFlon, artist Eric Henn created a mural around the structure filled with a variety of sea creatures, including larger-than-life sea turtles and dolphins.

During the 2020 competition, nearly 300 tanks were officially nominated for the contest. The public cast a total of approximately 25,000 online votes.

“The Tank of the Year competition has gained popularity in the industry since its inception in 2006,” Keilbey says. “Submit your entries now, and we look forward to seeing what this year’s submissions looks like. We are sure it will be another exciting contest for every engineer, applicator and municipality involved.”

Below are important calendar dates for the 2021 Tank of the Year contest:

  • Sept. 30 – Tank Nominations Close
  • Oct. 4 – Voting Opens at 9:00 a.m. CST
  • Oct. 15 – Voting Closes at 5:00 PM CST
  • Oct. 18  – People’s Choice & Finalists Announced
  • Oct. 22 – Tank of the Year Announced

Source: Tnemec,