May 2022 Webcast: CUI Susceptible Areas for Inspection

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is more likely to occur in specific areas in piping and equipment systems. However, the visible areas where water ingress occurs are not necessarily the same areas where corrosion damage can be found.

In this May 19 webcast sponsored by the National Insulation Association (NIA) (Herndon, Virginia, USA), attendees will learn:

  • Areas that are susceptible to CUI in piping systems, as well as on equipment;
  • Why applying common sense when there is evidence of insulation system damage is important with CUI management;
  • Different CUI inspection methods and the value of mechanical insulation inspection;
  • Reasons for the inclusion of inspection ports and drainage systems in insulation systems.

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About NIA

The National Insulation Association (NIA) is a nonprofit national trade association for the commercial, mechanical, and industrial insulation industry. The voice of the insulation industry since 1953, NIA is the leader in providing insulation industry training, education, and certifications, including the Thermal Insulation Inspector Certification and the Insulation Energy Appraiser Certification.


  • Kat Coronado: Technical Support Manager, Protective Coatings Gulf & Latin America, International Paint LLC Kat Coronado has been a technical support manager for the past 15 years and has spent his entire career working in the coatings field. Kat has been a bench chemist, plant manager, coating inspector, and technical support representative working from Africa to South America. Kat is a CIP Level 3 Certified Coating Inspector, Certified Protective Coating Specialist, and NACE PCS, S-CAT and MCT Instructor.
  • Ron King: NIA Past President and Consultant/SME Ron King is a 50-year veteran of the commercial and industrial insulation industry, and has held executive management positions with a national distributor/fabricator, an accessory manufacturer, and a specialty insulation contractor. He was awarded the NIA’s President’s Award in 1986 and again in 2001. Ron is a past president, honorary member, and consultant for NIA.

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