ROCKWOOL Introduces Stone Wool Insulation with Corrosion Inhibitor

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With the2024 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo ready for launch, ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation is introducing its ProRox PS 965 with its CR-Tech technology for corrosion resistance. According to the company, this represents the industry’s first stone wool insulation with a built-in corrosion inhibitor. 

As the latest offering in the company’s stone wool insulation portfolio, the proprietary CR-Tech corrosion inhibitor shields plant piping against corrosion under insulation (CUI) by creating a protective barrier between the pipe’s outer wall and the insulation’s inner surface. 

As ROCKWOOL explains, water is a critical ingredient to CUI, and it can find its way into every type of insulation. When this water migrates through insulation to reach a pipe’s metal surface, it often leads to aggressive corrosion. This results in dangerous and costly heat losses, downtime, and leaks. 

To address this, the next-generation CR-Tech inhibitor builds on ROCKWOOL’s 80-plus years of innovation in stone wool insulation to mitigate CUI risks and costs. 

CR-Tech works by being embedded into the inner surface of ProRox PS 965 mandrel wound pipe sections, right where the insulation touches the pipe. When water reaches the inner insulation surface, the inhibitor activates to form a thin protective layer, which shields the pipe from contact with water.

CR-Tech is combined with the company’s proprietary, award-winning WR-Tech (water-repellent technology), which minimizes water absorption in the insulation. 

The result is a state-of-the-art solution that delivers:

  • Superior corrosion protection and water repellency in one. According to ROCKWOOL, the combination of CR-Tech and WR-Tech does more to keep pipes dry and better protected from CUI. In industry-standard testing like CUI test method ASTM G189, CR-Tech achieves five-times better mitigation than other hydrophobic insulation materials, even those with corrosion inhibitors.
  • Robust, versatile performance beyond corrosion inhibition. ProRox PS 965 with CR-Tech boasts exceptional acoustic and thermal insulation properties, according to the company. This results in reduced energy consumption and utility costs, fewer emissions, and reduced health and safety impacts.
  • Ease of installation. The ProRox PS 965 with CR-Tech arrives at industrial plants in lightweight, robust hinged sections. These install easily, thereby lowering material and handling costs.

"CUI creates serious efficiency drains on a plant in the form of increased energy usage, major downtime, higher maintenance costs, and potentially hazardous leaks,” says Dan Aiken, Americas business unit director for ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation. 

“But with ProRox PS 965 with CR-Tech, CUI may have finally met its match,” Aiken adds. “And with the addition of WR-Tech, we’ve developed a pipe insulation technology that sets new performance benchmarks in CUI mitigation—with greater efficacy than other industrial insulation.” 

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The group provides a full range of products and systems with effective thermal and firesafe insulation for technical applications, as well as proven solutions to combat CUI.

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