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Remain in Compliance with the PCS Compliance Ecosystem

Due to transforming regulatory requirements, such as the PHMSA Mega Rule, navigating compliance requirements for your corrosion control program in 2023 can be challenging for pipeline operators.

PHMSA Mega Rule: Complying with Cathodic Protection Requirements

On September 9, 2010, a 30-inch diameter natural gas transmission pipeline in San Bruno, CA ruptured and released vast quantities of natural gas. The escaping gas ignited and initiated structure fires in the community surrounding the pipeline.

Final Expanded PHMSA Mega Rule: Your Guide to Compliance Through Cathodic Protection, Pipeline Mapping, and More

Over the past decade, you’ve likely heard plenty about the PHMSA Mega Rule. As new regulations roll out, it’s vital to assess how they’ll impact your operations and what steps to take to be in compliance.