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New Report Shows Importance of Coatings to U.K. Economy

The British Coatings Federation, which represents more than 140 members, recently issued a new report highlighting the essential contributions of coatings to the U.K. economy. The group is urging government officials to produce an integrated industrial strategy to embrace the industry.

Exploring the Future of Workforce Development in Skilled Trades

Alan Thomas, CEO of AMPP, joins past presidents of the American Welding Society (AWS) and The American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) for a roundtable discussion regarding the current state of workforce development for skilled trades.

Researchers See Bright Future for Refinery Corrosion Prevention

High pressure and high temperatures mean a high risk of corrosion in refineries worldwide, but two research scientists in Saudi Arabia say the future of refinery corrosion prevention looks leaner and greener thanks to technologies such as superhydrophobic coatings and nanomaterials.

Interview: Sustainable Solutions for the Built Environment

Job Coenen, AkzoNobel’s sustainability program manager and a strategic global corporate advisory board member of the World Green Building Council, explains how sustainable solutions for the built environment can address many of the challenges of producing more green buildings.

Reasons to Attend the AMPP Annual Conference + Expo 2024

The Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) already has a full slate of peer-reviewed symposia, workshops, networking events, technical meetings, and much more scheduled for its March 2024 gathering in the Crescent City.

Major Coatings Company Invests in Automated Drone Inspection

High-performance paints and coatings manufacturer AkzoNobel is investing in French company Donecle, which specializes in automated drone inspections. The partnership has contributed to the development of a digital, data-driven predictive maintenance service for airline fleets.

How Sustainability Will Play a Key Role in AMPP’s Future

In a panel discussion, veteran AMPP members Cal Chapman (Chapman Engineering) and Sandy Williamson (Williamson Integrity Services) joined Materials Performance (MP) Magazine Editor Kerry Cole to explain what sustainability means to them and why it is critically important to our industry.

CoatingsPro Begins Accepting 2024 Contractor Awards Nominations

Starting this summer, CoatingsPro Magazine’s eighth annual Contractor Awards Program is open for submissions! CoatingsPro, which takes a real-world look at the coatings industry, showcases projects and crews demonstrating excellence in commercial and industrial high-performance coatings sectors.

Using Advanced Microbial Monitoring to Quantify Corrosion Risks

Quantifying microorganisms associated with microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) can provide insight into a system’s corrosion risk, as well as the efficacy of its management programs. This article features related insight from LuminUltra, which was a winner in the 2023 Materials Performance (MP) Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards.

AMPP’s Alan Thomas Outlines Priorities as New CEO

Effective April 1, 2023, Alan Thomas became the new CEO of the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP). In this exclusive interview, AMPP’s new leader introduces himself while expressing some initial priorities.

Multilayered Coating Aims to Improve Corrosion Resistance of Steel

The proposed multilayer coating system comprises three layers fabricated using physical vapor deposition, with a Zn–Mg layer sandwiched between two zinc layers. Galvanizing steel with zinc increases its corrosion resistance, making it a sustainable and economical choice to use in construction and infrastructure. Researchers believe it can improve the longevity of steel.

Decarbonization of Cathodic Protection for the Built Environment

This article highlights U.S. and U.K. case studies that demonstrate success in different structures and exposure conditions. These systems are also installed with imbedded corrosion rate monitoring to allow for the remote service life tracking of performance.

A Circular Economy Approach from a Corrosion Engineer

Merging concepts like designing for purpose, maintaining with integrity, and decommissioning with a second life in mind are ideas that, if used in conjunction with adequate management tools, can help industries pursue the path of applying an effective corrosion management system.

Building a Corrosion Management System via Material Sustainability and Stewardship

The goal is to foster a technical society of forward-looking, proactive professionals equipped to support sustainability in tangible, meaningful ways via knowledge, standards, and a vision for future generations.