Strategic Planning at NACE International: Eighth in a Series

In the first seven posts of this series we introduced our strategic planning model, presented our Core Ideology (Core Purpose, Cultural Beliefs, Core Values, and Mission), described the steps taken to create a common understanding of the present state health of NACE International, and painted a verbal picture of our future state through our timeless vision statement and our three-year overarching goals. Just last month we introduced our Plan for Success, which provides the roadmap for taking us from our well-defined present state to our compelling and significantly different future state. The logical progression would be to discuss our key strategies, the first element of our Plan for Success. But given that the October print issue of MP is focused on CORROSION 2018, it seems appropriate to now describe some of the strategic planning-related activities that will occur at this upcoming conference.

NACE Foundation

The board of the NACE Foundation typically meets on the Friday preceding conference. The board conducted its first strategic planning workshop under the current model in June 2016. The plan was updated in June 2017. The board conducts quarterly “review and reload” sessions to maintain progress toward its annual definitions of success and three-year goals. The meeting at CORROSION 2018 will provide a face-to-face opportunity to revise plans to meet goals set for June 2018.

NACE International

The board of our association meets on a face-to-face basis three times a year. Our strategic planning cycle is built around these three meetings. Our fall meeting is dedicated to our annual or three-year plan update. The other two meetings, during the annual conference and in June, provide great forums for detailed exchanges on the progress being made on each key strategic initiative.

Publications Activity Committee

The Publications Activities Committee (PAC) meets on the Sunday during the annual conference. PAC conducted its first strategic planning workshop under the current model at CORROSION 2017. At CORROSION 2018, they will have the opportunity to fully assess how they did against their annual definitions of success and to conduct an annual update of the plan, challenging and validating their plan objectives and refining the roadmap to get us there.

Education and Technical Activities Committees

Both the Education Activities Committee (EAC) and the Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) adopted their current strategic plans at Corrosion Technology Week (CTW) in 2016, Therefore, their overall strategic planning cycle centers around CTW. However, CORROSION 2018 provides the perfect mid-year check-in on progress and adjustments on plans to meet annual definitions of success. Historically, EAC’s “review and reload” session is held on Monday during the annual conference, while TCC meets on Tuesday.

While these are the principle strategic planning sessions planned for CORROSION 2018, there are other efforts taking place all across the association. The European Area conducted its first strategic planning session in March 2017. The East Asia and Pacific Area developed a plan in September 2017. The Eastern Area of the United States has a session planned in conjunction with its area conference on October 9, 2017, and the Conferences and Expositions Activities Committee (CEAC) plans to meet at CORROSION 2018 to formulate its first strategic plan following our current model and process. The point is that we are developing and adopting a singular process to help improve the effectiveness and efficient delivery of all NACE programs, products, and services. We openly invite you to be a part of the process and embrace the core purpose and vision of our association.

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