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Using Foamed Polyvinylidene Fluoride for Corrosion Protection

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) is naturally mechanically strong and resistant to many harsh chemicals, making it an ideal candidate to protect chemical processing equipment from corrosion. New advancements in PVDF technology allow it to be extruded with a foam concentrate.

Cold-Bonding Technology Restores Thailand Petroleum Pipeline

Utilizing unique cold-bonding technology, a large-scale pipeline restoration project was recently completed in Thailand. Based on a solvent-free epoxy resin reinforced with silicon steel alloy, the two-part repair composite is designed for metal repair and resurfacing projects.

Texas Awards Grant to Evaluate Aging Highway Bridges

The Texas Department of Transportation issued a three-year grant to evaluate deteriorating and aging highway bridges. The approach includes non-destructive evaluation, on-site load testing, and computer simulations to help engineers determine the current bridge conditions.

Interview: Sustainable Solutions for the Built Environment

Job Coenen, AkzoNobel’s sustainability program manager and a strategic global corporate advisory board member of the World Green Building Council, explains how sustainable solutions for the built environment can address many of the challenges of producing more green buildings.

Reasons to Attend the AMPP Annual Conference + Expo 2024

The Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) already has a full slate of peer-reviewed symposia, workshops, networking events, technical meetings, and much more scheduled for its March 2024 gathering in the Crescent City.

Never Again: Dealing With the CUI Phenomenon

In this case study, significant corrosion was observed on lines supplying air handling units and swimming pools at a Dubai hotel. According to the client, the chilled water application system was installed three years prior and initially handled by a maintenance contractor before being handed over to the asset owner.

Non-Skid Basics: A Contractor’s Guide for Military Applications

In a newly released webcast, Johnny M. Sanchez, president of Prime Time Coatings, Inc., provides an overview of AMPP’s upcoming book, Non-Skid Basics: A Contractor’s Guide for Military Applications. Sanchez explains the contractor’s perspective for using non-slip deck coatings—or rapid-curing, slip-resistant coating systems—for military applications.

U.S. Military Maintenance Team Restores Navy Helicopters

At the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex, the maintenance team of the advanced metal finishing facility uses a novel system for corrosion prevention, wear protection, etching, cleaning, and chemical milling in preparation for paint and other follow-on manufacturing processes.

New Marine Study Breaks Materials Down, Literally

Today, a budding fleet of renewable marine energy technologies are leaving labs to go through their first river and ocean tests. But as they take these big steps toward commercial use, many are encountering an unpredictable and inhospitable environment: salt water.

Amato Painting Builds Its Brand in Awards and Beyond

Ryan Amato, owner of Easton, Pennsylvania-based Amato Painting and Lehigh Valley Epoxy Floors, explains why creative branding, diligent communication, and a reliable workforce are among the company’s keys to success.

Why Welding Quality Matters to AMPP Members and Beyond

Jason Becker, a highly experienced welder/fabricator with 25 years of hands-on experience in the welding industry, shares his perspective on why welding quality is of paramount importance to AMPP members and other key stakeholders.

Examining Galvanic and Deposition Corrosion

Corrosion engineers are familiar with the galvanic series, which lists noble and active metals, and with galvanic corrosion. This article looks at corrosion damage to aluminum caused by direct metal-to-metal contact with copper and by contact with copper-containing solutions.

Flexible Approach Restores Texas Water Pump Station

When Corrosion Control Resources, Inc. refurbished a water pump station near Dallas, they initially expected to hand blast with coal slag before applying new coatings. However, they changed course after unexpectedly finding the pipe to be lined with coal tar enamel.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Design Advanced Materials

Researchers from Germany’s Max Planck Society are introducing a new machine learning model, which they believe will enhance the predictive accuracy of corrosion-resistant alloy designs.

Driving Digital Adoption in Paints and Coatings

Katie Chrobak, associate director of digital adoption for PPG’s architectural coatings business, explains her industry’s challenge of creating new digital solutions, tools, and platforms while simultaneously helping end users adopt those technologies.