FMP Coatings Launches Thermally Activated Composite Coating for CUI Protection

Corrosion under insulation is a costly and dangerous problem affecting many facility owners. InsulCorr TACC provides a simple, easy to use repair technology for live protection.

FMP Coatings announced the commercial launch of a thermally activated composite coating for corrosion under insulation CUI protection.

CUI protection is crucial for the corrosion protection of thermally insulated equipment operating at high temperature.

Facilities experiencing CUI struggle to combat the problem while the equipment is in operation and the surface is hot.

InsulCorr TACC provides the flexibility to repair CUI while the equipment is in operation without the need to shut it down. The thermally activated curing mechanism and surface tolerant bond strength of the coating allows for safe and efficient protection from CUI with no equipment downtime and limited surface preparation.

Surface tolerant coating solutions are crucial for certain corrosion protection applications – especially in the oil and gas industry, where bringing equipment offline and building full dust containment for abrasive blasting may not be feasible. “As much as we’d like to recommend abrasive blasting to optimize a coating’s performance, in the real world shutting down the equipment and building containment for blasting may not be an option. So we built a technology that provides excellent live CUI protection without the need for abrasive blasting,” says Mr. Liberatore – President.

“The development of TACC continues our trend towards developing disruptive coating technologies for the oil and gas industry where the demand for corrosion protection is vital,” added Mr. Liberatore.

InsulCorr TACC is applied to surfaces operating with a temperature range between 156 ºF - 300 ºF (69 ºC - 150 ºC). Once cured the coating is suitable for exposure temperatures up to 500 ºF (260 ºC). Within 30 minutes of the coating application the surface can be reinsulated and returned to service.

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