Domestic Manufacturer Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Picoma, a division of Zekelman Industries (Chicago, Illinois, USA), is celebrating 75 years as a domestic manufacturer of electrical elbows, couplings, and nipples (EC&N). Founded in 1946, Picoma produces a complete line of electrical conduit fittings for the steel industry, including a complete EC&N package of aluminum, running thread, and service meter masks.

According to Picoma leadership and its employees, the company’s longevity can be attributed to its commitment to domestic manufacturing. “We started out manufacturing in Ohio 75 years ago, and we’re still doing it here today,” says Steve Camilletti, Picoma’s general manager for North America. “The commitment to controlling our own destiny, controlling our service, controlling our quality, and to making an American-made product—that’s what’s really kept us going all these years.”

Picoma leadership says that the company has made modernization a priority through its embrace of a human-machine co-manufacturing environment that allows for automation without a reduction in its human workforce. In addition, the company is making significant investments in high-tech equipment, eco-friendly manufacturing practices, and online ordering and inventory management services.

Picoma’s 75th anniversary comes on the heels of Zekelman Industries’ recent Life Reinforced campaign launch, which aims to communicate the importance of domestic manufacturing and calls for companies to “make it here.”

“When we invest in domestic manufacturing, we invest in local workers and local communities, creating opportunities for generations to come,” says Barry Zekelman, CEO for Zekelman Industries, the largest independent manufacturer of hollow structural sections and steel pipe in North America. “Picoma is a part of our family and plays a vital role in our vision for the future. We are proud to help them celebrate 75 years in domestic manufacturing.” 

Source: Zekelman Industries,