CUI Solutions Company Launches New Website

Syneffex (Golden, Colorado, USA), a leader in the industrial coating and protection field, has launched a new website highlighting the company’s patented solutions to the unique corrosion under insulation (CUI) challenges faced by chemical and petrochemical facilities.

“Advances in the industry are happening at break-neck speeds, and we're keeping up and, actually, staying ahead of the game,” says Stuart Burchill, CEO of Syneffex. “We knew it was time to make sure our website was keeping speed with the information our customers need.”

The new website can be found at

Chemical plants typically contain a variety of corrosive environments that can create multiple challenges for asset protection. Traditional fibrous insulation of process equipment causes CUI and degrades quickly in moist and chemical-infused environments. As a result, many chemical manufacturing facilities are left with continuous and costly maintenance and repair cycles, including monitoring for corrosion-related failures that can result in tank or pipe failure if not caught in time.

To that end, Syneffex manufactures chemical- and corrosion-resistant thermal insulation coatings that are the product of collaborative research by private laboratories and scientists at U.S. national laboratories.

“These nano-engineered and patented thermal insulating coatings by Syneffex were first introduced about 16 years ago and have solved many of the traditional issues that multiple industries have been struggling with for decades,” says Burchill. “They combine a durable, powerful, moisture-resistant insulation with a chemical and corrosion resistance coating. Heat Shield EPX-H2O coating has been replacing traditional insulation in chemical plants and other manufacturing facilities around the world, offering a better solution that significantly reduces both energy costs and the costs associated with corrosion.”

Facilities can easily apply the product with standard equipment for a cost-effective application that lasts for a decade or more. Other benefits include thermal insulation for surfaces up to 400 °F (204 °C) and a Class-A fire rating.

“From methanol tanks to brine purification tanks to chemical tanks, we provide a fast and easy application that takes just days versus months, and protects equipment for years,” Burchill says.

Source: Syneffex,