Webcast: Optimizing Cathodic Protection in Urban Utility Environments

This recent Materials Performance (MP) webcast explores how downstream gas distribution and water utilities are setting out on a journey to optimize their cathodic protection (CP) assets in high-consequence areas (HCAs) due to proximity to residential areas. The presenters dive into some of the unique pain points that distribution utilities must navigate, such as the changing regulatory landscape and HCAs; safety issues for the public and for technicians; in-road operations and traffic permitting; and operating costs.

New technology solutions are explored that could help distribution utilities tackle these challenges. The webcast is sponsored by Mobiltex (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) and presented by Tony da Costa, vice president of engineering, as well as Will Maize, product manager.

In this webcast, attendees will learn:

  • How remote monitoring unit subgrade technology innovations and the industrial internet of things (IIoT) are changing the nature of operating critical bonds and anode beds for urban distribution utilities;
  • How to improve the safety, operational efficiency, and accuracy of annual close-interval surveys and stray current exercises with new intelligently designed portable instruments;
  • Steps to ensure adequate and optimal CP in HCAs;
  • Review techniques to overcome unique CP challenges associated with urban infrastructure, particularly dynamic direct current interference from light rail transit systems and alternating current interference due to proximity of powerlines;
  • The future of data management and analytics in the corrosion prevention industry.

Interested observers can register for free by clicking here.

Source: MP Webcasts, www.materialsperformance.com/webinars.