Interview: Potential Corrosion Concerns from Western U.S. Wildfires

Materials Performance (MP) Staff Writer Ben DuBose interviews Clinton Char, Manager of Transmission Engineering at Southern California Edison, and Dr. Mehrooz Zamanzadeh, PhD, FNACE and Technical Director and Principal Investigator at Matergenics Inc. to learn more about potential corrosion concerns related to the ongoing wildfires in the Western United States.

In their conversations, Char and Zamanzedeh discuss how wildfires can reduce the structural integrity of structures and provide insights from the electric utility and corrosion engineering perspectives they each bring.

Zamamzadeh, who is known as Dr. Zee, is also a Fellow of NACE International, a Fellow of ASM, a NACE Certified Specialist in Coating Corrosion, Cathodic Protection, Materials Selection and Design, and an AMPP Instructor for Condition Assessment and Corrosion Engineering.

Source: AMPP,