Webcast: How to Conquer Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

Douglas J. Kent, executive vice president of strategy and alliances at the Association of Supply Chain Management (ASCM) (Chicago, Illinois, USA), recently presented a webcast regarding best practices for strategic and operational resiliency within the current supply chain environment.

According to Kent, ASCM’s information indicates that more than half of companies are unprepared to handle the “new norm.” In the newly released webcast, which is brought to you by CoatingsPro Magazine and Materials Performance (MP) Magazine, attendees will learn:

  • What defines resiliency
  • Where likely vulnerabilities exist
  • How to measure your own resiliency
  • Best practices for increasing your resiliency maturity

Kent’s presentation draws heavily on his expertise with ASCM, where he oversees the nonprofit’s global partner ecosystem and is responsible for ASCM’s overarching strategy and innovation. Tune in:

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