Podcast: IECM System Improves External Corrosion Management

Keith Parker, Trey Johnston, and Christophe Baete.

In collaboration with industry stakeholders, the external corrosion prevention team at multinational pipeline company Enbridge (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) is working on a new project to unify corrosion monitoring and mitigation strategies. The goal is to minimize and effectively manage many external corrosion risks.

Technical information on this engineered, integrated approach to external corrosion management (IECM) is available in the April, June, and August print issues of Materials Performance (MP) Magazine.

For a deeper look about what IECM could mean for the corrosion industry, our roundtable panel discussion features Keith Parker, external corrosion specialist at Enbridge; Trey Johnston, principal engineer at Corrpro; and Christophe Baete, manager of corrosion engineering at Elsyca. Tune in!

Sources: Enbridge, Corrpro, and Elsyca.